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Jennifer DeluciaJennifer DeLucia
Senior Director, Community of Practice
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Dr. Jennifer DeLucia has more than 10 years of non-profit experience and more than 5 years working in the veteran space addressing the psychosocial needs of service members, veterans and their family members. Before joining the IVMF, Jennifer served as Director of Wellness & Supportive Services at Veterans Outreach Center (VOC), an independent community-based non-profit providing premier supportive services to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. There she developed the wellness program to incorporate the most comprehensive mental health counseling and case management services for veterans and their family members in western New York.

Jennifer has also volunteered in support of several initiatives targeting improved service delivery and expansion of wellness services for veterans and their family members. In 2012 Jennifer was a local trainer at Fort Drum for Resiliency through Art: Training by the American Art Therapy Association for the United States Army Arts and Crafts Managers, an initiative designed to promote resiliency for soldiers, veterans, and family members through art making. In 2013, Jennifer represented Veterans Outreach Center at the White House and presented on the organization’s case management model and art therapy program as part of the Veterans and Military Health Conference.

In 2012, Jennifer’s work with veterans inspired the pursuit of a professional doctorate. She was motivated to conduct research in order to document and share VOC’s program outcomes with other organizations. As part of her doctorate, Jennifer led a participatory action research study with a group of 10 veteran co-researchers, examining their experiences of military to civilian transition and art therapy services. The findings were used to develop a program manual to advocate for similar services in other nonprofit organizations and the Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2015, Jennifer graduated with a Doctorate in Art Therapy from Mount Mary University.

Jennifer was the co-founder and currently serves as the President for the Western New York Chapter of the American Art Therapy Association. She maintains board certification and national registration with the Art Therapy Credential Board and holds a NYS license to practice art therapy and psychotherapy. Jennifer lives in Rochester, NY with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.

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