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Case Studies

PAServes - Greater Pittsburgh

A Pioneer Network

PAServes – Greater Pittsburgh has been a leader in teaching and supporting other new networks in the AmericaServes Community of Practice. Through the support AmericaServes provides in community organizing, provider engagement, and opportunities such as MC-101, the PAServes is able to reach more providers. In particular, they have led our national practice in Department of Veterans Affairs’ network participation on a local and regional level. PAServes – Greater Pittsburgh’s key partnership with their local VA Medical Center team has served as a template for other communities as VA programs across the nation have come alongside their local accompanying AmericaServes network to improve how they address the multitude of needs associated with veterans, service members and their families.

Operation Troop Appreciation, a provider in the PAServes network reported a 90% increase in efficiency through their participation because the network automated typically laborious manual work (ie. e-mails, follow-up calls)—reducing time spent on administrative work from over 40 hours per week down to just 5 hours. The end result—they report being able to more with less, providing services to veterans faster and with consistent in the quality.

Mission United

An Affiliate Network

Mission United Hampton Roads is a network of community providers in partnership with the United Way of South Hampton Roads to coordinate services for military connected families. Mission United became an affiliated AmericaServes network in the July 2017. This partnership connects Mission United to additional national and local resources and expands the reach of their services to all 13-AmericaServes networks. Both partners will be able to gain a greater understanding of each others work through the ability to share data and information. AmericaServes offers Mission United a deep connection to other communities who are also using the same Unite US technology platform to improve coordinated service delivery to military connect families. Through these connections, Mission United will be able to learn and share best practices and strategies that will help improve their communities.

TXServes - North Texas

Network in Development

TXServes – North Texas: The North Texas community is looking for a solution to service fragmentation that is effecting the way care is delivered to veterans, transitioning service members, and their families. The TXServes – North Texas network, in partnership with Metrocare Services, is currently organizing community meetings in order to build a coordinate care model. The AmericaServes team is organizing nine strategy sessions throughout the next 6 months to gradually and effectively organize the community, integrate technology, and register providers.

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