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The technology platform within AmericaServes communities enables our team to see the top service categories requested in each Network and across all AmericaServes Networks. This data indicates the unique needs of the local and national military-connected population, creating an evidence-based approach to serving a community’s constituents. The data provides real time snapshots of who is requesting services, where they come from within each community, and their basic demographic profile.

In addition to client profiles, the technology platform provides insights into the referral outcomes – or to put simply, what happens after a match was made. Successful referrals, timeliness of referrals, and efficiency in making referrals are all key measures revealed within the technology platform.

Transparency Reports

Since 2013, the AmericaServes initiative at the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) has been working alongside providers, funders and communities around the U.S. to transform the delivery of services, resources and care to our nation’s veterans, service members, and their families. Five years later, we are excited to see the impact AmericaServes is having on the way providers are working together and demonstrating their commitment to coordinating across sectors, service categories and geographies to improve the service delivery experience for the military-connected community.

In an effort to capture the network’s growth and achievements over the past five years, we proudly share the AmericaServes Transparency Report. The report sheds light on the network’s pillars, how it works, and the role different stakeholders play in its success.
Our hope is that this report will convey the new scale AmericaServes has reached, the opportunities ahead to multiply our efforts through this practice, and the invaluable contribution each and every one of us can continue to make as we collectively transform how communities care for veterans, service members, and their families. Please download the report, share with your contacts, and reach out to us with any questions or feedback.

2018 Transparency Report

2016 Transparency Report

In Progress Reviews (IPRs)

In Progress Reviews give the Coordination Centers, supported by an AmericaServes team, the opportunity to share the relevant data collected over the given time period, make insights into network health and success measures, and discuss important topics within the community. IPR’s provide an opportunity for Network members to gather and take a deep look at the important information and insights revealed from the latest quarter, look at possible correlations of service requests, supply versus demand disparities in services requests, and also assemble as colleagues to announce any important community events.


Pittsburgh 2 Year IPR


NCServes - Central Carolina Q6 IPR   SCServes Year 1 IPR   NCServes - Metrolina Year 2 IPR NCServes - Coastal Year 1 IPR


San Antonio Q2 IPR


NYServes - New York City   NYServes Upstate Year 1 IPR


WAServes - Greater Puget Sound Q2 IPR

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