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War With ISIS

If I see another photo of a veteran or service member sitting on their couch with a gun “waiting for Isis,” I’m going to lose my mind. I’m not sure what war you fought in over the last 15 years, but the last time our enemy showed up at our front door and challenged us to a duel was never. The status quo for fighting in the 21st century does not involve the opposition drawing a line in the sand and waiting for you to pick up your sword before they attack. Terrorists wait until you are shopping at the grocery store or mowing your lawn and the last thing you think before seeing the white light is, “how many ‘likes’ did I get on that #selfie of me and my rifle on Facebook.”

“But I carry a gun all the time and have prepared by shooting it at stationary targets at my gun club!” Oh, really. That Glock will be what you need when roadside bombs start happening in the US? Stop acting like a tough guy on social media because you are trying to impress that girl from high school you never dated but are somehow friends with on Facebook. She isn’t impressed by your beard and beer belly just because you have an m4 and a kit on. She knows you are a boot/fuzzy shoulder and your 30-round mags won’t change her mind.

I recently had to ‘unfollow’ a guy I served with in the Corps because of these tough guy posts. Halfway through our deployment to Iraq he was no longer allowed to leave the FOB and was placed on permanent tower duty and trash detail. If it were ‘Nam, this guy would’ve been burning oil drums of human crap with diesel fuel while the rest of us did grunt stuff. This Marine skated out of a final deployment by claiming some medical stuff that was total BS and now collects a large monthly check from the VA for it. He just couldn’t resist posting something about daring them to show up to his house. If I was his neighbor, I would be extremely worried! Not because ISIS will show up, but because he was a pizza box on the rifle range and will spray rounds everywhere but center mass.

For the record, I do not condone Americans living in fear of a future terrorist attack. It is going to happen again one day, but the light of freedom will always shine brighter than the candle-lit cave our enemies dwell in. I just do not condone veterans acting like they welcome the fight to our soil. It is irresponsible. Freedom on brothers and sisters and if you notice I stopped commenting on your posts, I probably unfollowed you.

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