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North Carolina (NCServes) Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary as National Model for Transforming Access to Veterans Care & Service

Milestone event features 200 community collaboration veteran services partners, led by Charlotte Bridge Home, state officials and local veterans served by groundbreaking national program AmericaServes Charlotte, NC – AmericaServes, a […]

From a Community with Genius to State with Gravitas: One Touch Can Now Do It All

By Colonel (U.S. Army, Ret.) Jim McDonough, Managing Director, IVMF, and Ilario Pantano, Senior Director, IVMF “It takes more than a village. It takes a community with genius,” we wrote […]

NC Leading the Change In Veteran Programs

By Leo Rokoske, Ameriforce If you’re like me you’re aware of the 40,000 military and veterans charities in America.  As military families, we’ve grown a healthy degree of skepticism to […]

Provider Spotlight: Veterans Leadership Program

“Coordination through the American Serves Network has had a significant impact on the delivery of services to the Veterans that we serve. By fostering efficiency and identifying who is doing […]

Using Data to Understand Supply & Demand

What are the most requested needs in our communities? Do our most active providers help us meet those needs? We’ll be using data to dive into these and other questions […]

Change Can Be Hard, Irrelevance is Easy

By Colonel (Ret., U.S. Army) Jim McDonough, Managing Director, IVMF and Mike Schindler, Program Manager, Community Services, IVMF General (U.S. Army, Retired) Eric Shinseki in December 2001, said, “If you […]

What America Owes Its Veterans

By Philip Carter, Each year, the U.S. military recruits some 175,000 young Americans. At the heart of its pitch is a sacred promise to take care of those who […]

Unite US Tech Corner

Unite US recently launched a new feature that allows for a client in immediate need to get connected to the right service faster than ever. Here’s how it works: Coordination […]

How to Make Your Data Work for You

Making the Most of Your Exports Depending on how many clients or service requests you manage, it may be pretty easy to do some basic math by looking at your […]

Community of Practice – Best Practice Share

A new and innovative solution for Coordination Centers and Providers to gather client information and consent when working outreach events with no access to internet. Click here for more information […]

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