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Spotlight on Practice360 – Learning & Growing the Practice Together

Local and National Community of Practice Webinars Launched in January!

In January, AmericaServes Practice360 launched a series of local webinars that are designed to bring providers together on a regular basis to discuss the work of coordinating care and to improve their local practice by solving problems together and by using data to make informed decisions about community needs and interventions. AmericaServes team member Vincent DelSignore shares some insights from RIServes:

“Communities of practice are designed to be fluid and flexible—responding to the interests and concerns of the participants within them. An excellent case example of this fluidity was the first convening of the RIServes community of practice. Put simply, the newest network in the AmericaServes family is learning how to do coordinated care. As a result, discussion from participants ranged from the practical (“when is it appropriate to close out a case?”) to the philosophical (“does anyone fear that using this network will reflect poorly on their ability to directly help veterans?”). The conversation was rich and it drove a number of interesting points that have informed our next convening to ensure that all participants are getting the information they need to better coordinate their efforts in serving veterans. It will be fascinating to see how this community of practice grows and changes alongside the wider the initiative.”

AmericaServes also launched a series of national webinars to connect all Coordination Centers and Affiliates across the nation on a regular basis. Michael Jolin, Network Director, RIServes reflects on his participation in the national community of practice:

“Since we began our partnership with IVMF to launch RIServes, I’ve been so impressed with the level of commitment, engagement, and support we’ve received as a member of the AmericaServes family. The national Community of Practice call last month was just another example of the support we receive. Having a conversation with fellow coordination centers on best practices and lessons learned is so beneficial for a new network like ours. So thank you for numerous opportunities to engage, learn, and share!”

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