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Provider Spotlights

In the summer of 2017, the Coordination Center serving the Central Carolina region of NCServes, made a strategic plan to increase network provider activity. Part of that plan involved choosing a group of network providers already registered in the network. That group was known as the “Core 6.” As a result of this strategic initiative, network activity increased 210%. Providers in this core group included the Wake County VSO and the Joel Fund. The core group’s mission was to increase activity, and also focus on provider engagement and provider self-reflection.

The Joel Fund (TJF)

TJF joined the NCServes – Central Carolina network in March of 2017. They are an online resource that connects veterans to organizations that offer career readiness, rehabilitation, recreation and reconnecting, along with community involvement. NCServes-Central Carolina’s requests for employment services represent 21% of all network service requests and is one of the top needs of veterans, service members and their families in this community. The Joel Fund plays an instrumental role in meeting the networks clients’ needs. “It is easy for us to be a good partner because we fully believe in NC Serves and want to see it succeed”. Brooke Dickhart

The Joel Fund was started by Brooke Dickhart in memory of her dad Joe Silva, who was a Navy SEAL for 20 years. He served four tours in Vietnam, spoke five languages, and was a plank owner of SEAL Team 6. For the last six years of his life, Joe suffered from PTSD, depression, and substance abuse. Brooke realized that her dad could have benefitted from alternative therapies for mental health care. The Joel Fund’s mission is to improve the lives of veterans by providing a connection to effective alternative therapies and non-traditional services. For more information click here:

Wake County VSO

“Our partnership with NCServes – Central Carolina has been very meaningful from the beginning. The Coordination Center team has always kept us informed and valued our participation in the network. They have gone the extra mile to ensure we know when and how to use the network and the network has supported our organization by getting our clients connected to additional resources.”
Douglas Johnson, Veterans Service Officer, Wake County VSO

The Wake County Veteran Service Office offers support for veterans looking to file a claim, appeal and review their benefits. Many of the clients that come to the Veteran Service Office need additional supportive services. The NCServes-Central Carolina network is a quick and easy way to get those in need of additional resources and insure that the veteran is referred to the right provider the first time. In many cases, it is organizations like The Joel Fund that can help with those needs.

At the start of the summer Wake County Veteran Service Office was not an active in making referrals into the network. They were selected by the Coordination Center to be a part of the core group of providers because they see a high volume of veterans. Veteran Service Offices are a natural fit for the network because they do not offer other services like housing, employment and legal. In turn, the coordinated network offers the VSO an efficient and proven method to help clients’ access high-quality supportive services. The benefit is two-fold—the veteran is referred to the service they need quickly and the provider can rely on the Coordination Center to make the right match, ultimately saving the provider valuable time that would otherwise be spent attempting to make connections on the veteran’s behalf—time that ultimately allows them to focus on what they do best.

Wake County VSO quickly realized the benefits of referring into the network for needs they were not able to address. During the time the Coordination Center engaged with the VSO to activate them as a provider, the number of referrals more than doubled. The graph below represents the increase in referral made into the network.

Wake County Veteran Services

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