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Provider Spotlight: Veterans Leadership Program

“Coordination through the American Serves Network has had a significant impact on the delivery of services to the Veterans that we serve. By fostering efficiency and identifying who is doing what, as well as how good they do it – we are able to begin to eliminate programmatic redundancies – as a community- in order to maximize the impact of the resources available to Western Pennsylvania Veterans.” Ben Stahl, D.Sc., Executive Director, Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania, Inc.

The Veterans Leadership Program (VLP) of Western Pennsylvania’s outstanding service to veterans and military families is evident. Since joining the PAServes-Greater Pittsburgh network VLP is among the top three providers that makes and receives referrals through the network. They are one of the most active providers in the PAServes network and one of the most active providers in the entire AmericaServes Community of Practice—now spanning across 12 communities nationally.

VLP has made 562 referrals into the PAServes network—and these referrals span across 10 of the 14 service categories. This speaks to VLP’s comprehensive assessment and work to make the most of the diversity of services the network has to offer! VLP has also accepted 448 referrals from the network in the areas of financial assistance (37%), housing (33%), and employment (26%). Out of 562 referrals they have accepted, 85% were documented as positive outcomes—the needs successfully met by the service provided.

The Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania provides essential housing, employment, and vital supportive services to eligible local veterans, service members and their families with the end goal being to improve their self-sufficiency, sustainability, and quality of life. For the past 30 years, VLP has provided subsidized housing for veterans and their families in Western Pennsylvania. VLP offers an extraordinary housing model that not only assists veterans with finding a place to live but also how to maintain it. VLP’s network of local real-estate agents and landlords helps ease the transition from homelessness to finding a home. The support from VLP does not stop after a veteran receives housing assistance, assigned case managers work with the veterans to foster on-going success. On top of that, VLP also operates two of the nation’s most efficient Veteran employment programs as well as hosting special events and workshops all geared to enhancing the lives of veterans.

VLP assists all veterans and service members regardless of the era of service, (VA) eligibility or discharge status. VLP has been an integral part of the success of PAServes-Greater Pittsburgh and is consistently looking for ways to improve the lives of veterans and military families. PAServes Coordination Center Team Lead Michalea Diallo said, “VLP has been a great resource for many veterans with a wide-range of services spanning from housing, to employment and social enrichment. VLP also operates a female veteran program called Project Journey—a valuable housing resource for women working toward stability.”

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