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How to Make Your Data Work for You – North Carolina Data in Action!

Coordination Centers and Providers across AmericaServes communities are using the new monthly insights dashboards to communicate to key stakeholders the value of the network and the needs of their community. Paul Berry, Network Director, NCServes-Central shares how he is using the monthly insights at the North Carolina Governors Working Group.

“Presenting the Monthly Dashboards at the North Carolina Governors Working Group allows all four NCServes Networks to show a network and statewide snapshot of the current data in these networks.

The Governors Working Group is chaired by the Secretary for the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Several other state level executive leaders attend. Many of the Providers in NCServes Central Carolina and other NCServes Networks also attend.

By showing the impact these networks are making I can show the value that this Community of Practice is bringing to our veterans and their families. The number of referrals this CoP makes in a month has really opened their eyes. This state has many great organizations that help veterans but until NCServes came along nothing was connecting these organizations. Armed with current information executive leadership can now better leverage personnel and resources to better serve our veterans and families.

This data also allows me to show where we are not fully serving our veterans. I tie in the by-county veteran populations to show the 40 counties not in an NCServes network. This then allows leadership and providers to assist our networks by identifying potential providers in these counties.

This data shows how we have taken a large state with 100 counties and shrunk it down so that veterans and providers can reach each other quickly without having to drive long distances. Internetwork referrals are a weekly occurrence and the audience is really impressed that very little coordination is needed to action referrals from network to network because of how user friendly Unite Us is.”

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