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How to Make Your Data Work for You

Making the Most of Your Exports

Depending on how many clients or service requests you manage, it may be pretty easy to do some basic math by looking at your in-software dashboards or data exports. But did you know you can quickly view counts, sums, and averages in excel using a simple click? Read on for the how-to, and let us know here if you’d be interested in receiving other data tips down the road.

When you open your data in excel, it’s easy to see the total number of records by looking at the number of rows you have. (Reminder: don’t forget to subtract two from the total – one for the column headers, one for the last row that tells you when you exported the data!)

Additionally, did you know you can quickly view counts, sums, and averages using a simple click? For example, you can find the average age of your clients. In your client export, highlight the entire “Age” column by clicking on the letter above the header. Now, take a look at the gray bar on the bottom right side of your excel window (to the left of the slide bar where you can adjust the zoom). You should see the average, count, and sum of the Age column.

Make your data work for you

More important info about this trick:

  • If you right-click (or control + click) in the gray bar, you can select a few more options to display, like min and max.
  • Blank cells are NOT used to figure out these counts and stats. That means two things:
  • You can use counts to calculate how many blanks you have. Just subtract the count of a column from the total record count. Maybe those blanks reflect missing data about a client or service request.
  • For columns with numeric data, zeroes are included in the calculation of sums, averages, mins, and maxes, but blanks aren’t.
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    Brought to you by our resident data storyteller, Gilly Cantor. She welcomes your ideas, questions, and data dilemmas.

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