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Introspection Within the Veterans Services World

By Matthew Feldhaus

It was a warm sunny day in San Antonio, Texas – the ‘Military-City, USA’. Despite the rare respite from snow and shade, the team stayed indoors conducting SWOT analysis of their various programs and services. The AmericaServes program, a nation-wide initiative coordinating services for service members, veterans, and their families, dedicates itself too introspection and surgeon-like precision. The harder we work to ensure the programs a success and ensure efficiencies on the front end, the veterans and their families receive services, care, and are empowered in the back end.

‘Know Thyself’

These two words are attributed to Greek philosopher Socrates and summarize the endless quest for self discovery, personal growth, and introspection. Having a regular cadence of program analysis, the AmericaServes teams ensures the communities of veteran service offices, veteran employment programs, public and private organizations, all are connected to the best-in-class, coordinated system of care in the market. The team commits itself to understanding and sharing each communities strengths, working to eliminate weaknesses, and leveraging opportunities to prevent potential threats. SWOT analysis. Often used in the military, a SWOT analysis elicits team collaboration to 360 review a mission, organization, or program.

I’ve gotten the honor to work with this program and team for over two years and have been continuously challenged to improve, adapt, and find creative solutions. Is it perfect? No. Is it an improvement? Yes. The AmericaServes team dedicates themselves to the empowerment of each AmericaServes communities’ veterans service providers to ensure they can connect that client with the right services they’re eligible for in the quickest time possible. Whether working for veterans employment, veterans disability claims, or veterans benefits, there is a place for you within the AmericaServes program!

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