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Ilario Pantano Stepping Down As NC Director of Veterans Affairs

By Drew Brooks, Military Editor

North Carolina’s director of veterans affairs is stepping down.

Ilario Pantano’s last day on the job will be today, he announced in an email this week.

Pantano is a Marine Corps veteran who was named director of North Carolina’s Division of Veterans Affairs in 2013.

The division late last year was folded into the new N.C. Department of Military & Veterans Affairs.

In his position, Pantano helped lead efforts to reform the state veterans organization and provide transition services for veterans leaving the military.

Pantano is staying in North Carolina, and will manage programs here as senior director for community services, programs and services for the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University.

In his email, he said he waited until the last moment to announce his departure to be “as minimally disruptive to our ongoing state operations as possible.”

Pantano said he leaves with a “mixture of sorrow and excitement,” and said his replacement would be Jim Prosser, an Air Force veteran who recently led Mecklenburg County Veteran Services in Charlotte.

“Working closely with Gen. Cornell Wilson, our secretary of military and veterans affairs, Jim will join you in taking North Carolina to the next level, by leveraging his career in the U.S. Air Force, his groundbreaking work in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, and his recent experience as president of the North Carolina Association of County Veteran Service Officers – where he served as chief advocate for North Carolina’s 100 county-level veteran service agencies,” Pantano said. “You know that Gen. Wilson must trust Jim to be the best fit for the job . if he could choose an airman to replace a Marine.”

Military editor Drew Brooks can be reached at [email protected] or 486-3567.

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