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Data In Practice: An Inside Look at Five of AmericaServes’ Key Measures

By Colonel (U.S. Army, Ret.) Jim McDonough, Managing Director, IVMF, Dr. Jen DeLucia, DAT, Senior Director, Community Services, IVMF and Gilly Cantor, M.P.A., Program Evaluation Director, IVMF

Today, the AmericaServes initiative is working at scale across the country, demonstrating unprecedented capacity to better the lives of both those who serve in our nation’s armed forces and their family members. Veterans, service members, and their families are experiencing improved care coordination in 16 communities across the nation and counting. AmericaServes and affiliate networks now have the ability to refer clients to one another, expanding our collective ability to provide holistic care to our clients over time and geography.

As we scale, it is more important than ever to maintain transparency and accountability about the health and performance of our networks. Our partners depend on data to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. With those partners in mind, we have focused in on five metrics from our overarching set of key performance indicators (KPIs), many of which we share in our national dashboard and through monthly analytics delivered to each network, as part of our efforts to shape our underpinning practice around its designed purpose: utilizing knowledge to improve performance. By digging into the data with our partners, we hope to learn more about how our day-to-day practice influences performance, so that we can continue to improve the experience of our providers and individual clients.

The five metrics are:

  1. Percentage of Providers Receiving Referrals– How are referrals being distributed across the network?
  2. Accuracy –Have clients been referred to the right provider?
  3. Time to Match –How long does it take for a referral to be accepted by the right provider?
  4. Re-occurrence –Are clients re-requesting services within the same category?
  5. Co-occurrence– Are clients requesting services across multiple categories?

To help illustrate where these measures fit into the AmericaServes care coordination model, follow a sample case study* below for Jon, a Post-9/11 veteran seeking services. The network exists to provide Jon the most appropriate care more quickly and with fewer hurdles.

data in practic graphic

Throughout the process, AmericaServes is measuring and evaluating these five metrics, along with other performance-oriented KPIs, to ensure that Jon’s care journey is captured. This tracking yields the analytics we need to implement wider process improvements that are ultimately aimed at increasing how well AmericaServes communities favorably resolve their clients’ needs.

In the weeks leading up to our National Community of Practice Symposium in October, we will spend some time diving into these five measures. We hope to provide an understanding of the deep consideration our team gives to data, and how we use it to improve care coordination across AmericaServes. Each week, our regional leads will publish a blog with our evaluation manager on a single metric – from accuracy to co-occurrence – and illustrate their importance through examples.

Our efforts to consistently track these measures are focused on using them to continue to improve our model. We also hope to work with you all – our network providers, Coordination Centers, and community partners – to develop a shared understanding around these metrics that help drive AmericaServes performance.

* Sample case study only, not an actual client.

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