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Coordination Center Spotlight: NCServes Metrolina

Charlotte Bridge Home

On July 31, 2017, NCServes Metrolina reached their two-year anniversary as an AmericaServes network. During the two-year time frame NCServes Metrolina has served over 2300 families, provided 5600+ services, and onboarded 56 organizations and over 150 providers. Alongside those accomplishments, NCServes Metrolina has secured public funding and has spearheaded efforts in our Community of Practice. NCServes Metrolina developed the first localized CoP, the Carolinas Community of Practice, which operates under the AmericaServes Community of Practice. Nicole French of Charlotte Bridge Home has been leading this initiative, bringing together Coordination Centers and Network Providers within the NCServes and SCServes communities to share knowledge and best practices.

Again, trailblazing the way, last month NCServes Metrolina was the first AmericaServes network to take part in our national migration from the V2 technology to the updated V3 technology platform. Unite US successfully migrated the entire NCServes Metrolina network to the updated platform. The migration successfully transferred vetfile data, outcome data, and client information into the new platform, which increased the platform’s visibility and reporting capabilities. During the migration, NCServes Metrolina’s feedback contributed to a refined process and two training guides that will support users through the migration.

Overall, 80 users in the Metrolina network were trained across 40 different organizations. NCServes Metrolina is happy to report that 130 service episodes were created in the V3 platform for 100 unique members through the end of July. Sara Derebery, Network Director of NCServes Metrolina’s Coordination Center says “we’re super excited to offer increased visibility and transparency to providers to better support the communities efforts in serving veterans, service members, and their families.”

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