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Carolinas Community of Practice Mini Conference in February

Network Directors and Care Coordinators across North and South Carolina came together in Central Carolina for the NCServes-Central In Practice Review and a Regional Mini Conference that included two workshops focused on network engagement. Upstate Warrior Solutions, a provider in South Carolina joined alongside the Coordination Centers as they are a key provider that supports the network in expanding its coverage across the Upstate region of SC.

Day 1 of the conference was facilitated by Brandon Wilson, Network Director, NCServes-Western, and Lisa Murray, Program Manager, IVMF. Together they walked their cohort of peers through a SWOT analysis that engaged Coordination Center teams in thinking critically about how they are engaging providers in their network. Each network identified some opportunities and developed 1-2 immediately actionable goals.

Day 2 focused on Person-Centered Skills that were taught by a local trainer Tanya Richmond MSW, CRCC, LCSW. Person-Centered Skills help us to bring attention and clarity to what is most important to the people that we are working with. They are skills that can be used to think about our work with clients, providers and organizations. Nicole French, Psy.D., North Carolina Regional Community of Practice Lead, helped participating Network Directors and Care Coordinators think about how the skills applied to our work with network providers. Several skills were taught and applied to work with providers in our communities. We all walked away with a better understanding of how to engage people in conversations about what is important to them and how through our approach to solving problems together we can honor the values and support the goals of the providers we serve.

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