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Increasing engagement across your network of providers: Starting at homebase!

As each AmericaServes community continues to work in the field engaging 1-1 with providers, we have seen a series of market-over-market, ‘health indicator’ gains realized as we continue a focused effort to increase the level of engagement with AmericaServes networks locally. We would like to spotlight the work of NCServes-Central Carolina, who, as a part of this effort, choose to turn their focus inward—a best practice that has seen huge gains for this network and others who have adopted this strategy.

As highlighted in the Coordination Center spotlight, NCServes – Central Carolina had 1-1 visits with each of its core providers. Discussions centered on reengagement, specifically paying attention to how the network could support that particular provider in their work with veterans, service members, and their families. These meetings provided the Coordination Center an opportunity to learn more about each of the network providers—their mission, values and role in the network.

NCServes-Central Carolina included their own organization, the USO of NC, as one of the core providers in an effort to turn the focus inward and improve network utilization within their own organization. Coordination Center staff met with other programs internally to raise awareness about the network. As a result, the USO of NC established a new workflow internally that connected more clients to the network so that each client had full benefit and access to the 50+ service providers and the myriad of services they provide. The graph below illustrates the increase in referrals into the network from the USO of NC and the overall increase in referrals into the network from all network providers.

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