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AmericaServes & The Walmart Foundation

AmericaServes is the continual recipient of a 5 million dollar grant spanning over 3 years from the Wal Mart Foundation.  The AmericaServes program based out of Syracuse Universities’ Institute for Veterans and Military Families is a civilian transition program focused on connecting veterans with the services they need.

This donation aligns perfectly with The Wal Mart Foundations mission to ‘Live better. Everyday’, where they focus on pressing environmental and social problems.  Every year they distribute over 320 million dollars in grants to global organizations that range from dealing with hunger relief to small business development.

This Grant is part of The Wal Mart Foundation’s commitment to donating 20 million towards US veteran integration through 2019.

This financial investment of 5 million has continued to be primarily implemented in AmericaServes’ NCServes networks.

This is the 3rdconsecutive year the Wal Mart Foundation has used its investments to assist AmericaServes in its mission of providing care coordination for Americas military connected members and their families. NCServes consists of four distinguishable networks; NCServes Central, NCserves Coastal, NCServes Metrolina and NCServes Western.

Why NCServes? North Carolina is unique in that one third of their overall population is either a veteran or military affiliated. The Wal Mart Foundations donation will continue to directly fund the four NCserves network’s resulting in a reach of three quarters of a million people potentially in need.

AmericaServes has a long history with the Wal Mart Foundation, working with them well over five years in an ever increasing partnership. Since then, AmericaServes has been working closely with The Wal Mart Foundation in an effort to complete both organizations shared goals

Because of the Wal Mart Foundations generous donations, NCserves was able to reach three exciting new milestones

– Processed over 14,000 requests

– Assisted nearly 7,000 veterans and military families

– Collaborated with 272 service providers

Over the next few years AmericaServes, with the help of the Wal Mart foundation,  will continue reaching new mile stones and serving the North Carolina’s military population one veteran or service members family at a time.

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