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AmericaServes Testimonial – Lance’s Story

Lance Caver arrived at WAServes following countless dead ends in fear of losing his home. He was dealing with the after effects of no disability financial compensation, leaving his family struggling to pay the bills.

“We would’ve gone into foreclosure and probably lost our house if not for WAServes.”

Lance became disabled as a result of his 19 years in the Army National Guard and countless tours overseas. After he left the Guard, Lance’s aching pains made it hard to find new full-time employment. The Caver family began struggling when their disability checks stalled for two months following a record mix-up and they just could not catch up on the bills. Initially, Lance called on his connections from his old job where he worked for the non-profit Disabled American Veterans, but the many programs he turned to for assistance kept turning into dead ends.

Help finally came following Lance’s introduction to WAServes. In researching the organization, Lance found that WAServes is a network of service providers located in the Greater Puget Sound area in Washington that coordinates care for veterans and their family members. Their system includes 80 individual providers screened and approved by the AmericaServes team that cover a range of 15 service categories. Seemingly a perfect fit, Lance reached out and within days he had received gas cards and groceries in an effort to ease the Cavers family financial stress. WAServes was later able to solve the Caver Families main concern of falling behind on mortgage payments by connecting Lance with a local organization that gave him the financial means to save his home.

“If you can bring everything into one place to get the help that you need —w hether it’s housing, whether it’s food or whether it’s just a little bit of financial assistance because of something that happened like my case, that’s great, we’ve needed an organization like WAServes or (AmericaServes).”

Today Lance and his family don’t have to worry about another disability check mishap, or if their house is going to be taken from them. AmericaServes and, its parent organization, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families vow to be of service to those who serve.

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