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2019 Transparency Report: Partnering to Improve the Marketplace of Human Services and Care

2019 Transparency Report

To read the 2019 Transparency Report, please download the PDF or read the plain text version below.

2019 Transparency Report
Prepared by: Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF) is the first interdisciplinary national institute in higher education focused on the social, economic, education and policy issues impacting veterans and their families post-service. Through our focus on delivering world-class programs and services to service members, veterans, and their families, the Institute provides the nation with impactful analysis of the challenges facing the community, captures and applies best practices, and serves as a national forum to facilitate new partnerships and strong relationships between these individuals and the organizations committed to serving their needs. AmericaServes is driven by the IVMF.
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Unite US

Unite Us is a technology platform reinventing the delivery of health, employment, and human services. The company is disrupting the fragmented health and human services industry by enabling government agencies and community organizations to coordinate and deliver services through networks of providers who together can better meet the comprehensive needs of their constituents. The software suite allows the utilization of real-time data by communities to make informed decisions that impact outcomes and shape programs.
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Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions – underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network – Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology, to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With approximately 384,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.
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The Walmart Foundation

By using our strengths to help others, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation create opportunities for people to live better every day. Walmart has stores in 28 countries, employing more than 2.2 million associates and doing business with thousands of suppliers who, in turn, employ millions of people. Our philanthropy helps people live better by supporting upward job mobility and economic development for the retail workforce; addressing hunger and making healthier, more sustainably-grown food a reality; and building strong communities where Walmart operates and inspiring our associates to give back.
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Even Great Organizations Depend on Others to Do What They Do Best
As Secretary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from 2014 to 2016, I was charged with carrying out its mission to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise: to care for those who have borne the battle, and their families. Implicit in this mission is the responsibility to seek an answer to a fundamental question – how do we do this best, to honor and serve the men and women who have served our country? Today, I believe we’ve identified the how: through sound community-based approaches, coordinated with the Department of Veteran Affairs, like AmericaServes and other initiatives related to the VA’s efforts to successfully build Community Veteran Engagement Boards (CVEB’s) across the nation. CVEBs bring together stakeholders in the community with VA leaders to customize efforts to fit local need.

AmericaServes and related community-based work underway by organizations like America’s Warrior Partnership, Vets’ Community Connections, and others, are grounded in the idea that good outcomes are about more than simply clinical ones. By addressing the social determinants of health, these important initiatives offer the opportunity to create coordinated networks of care that deliver services to veterans and their families faster and more transparently than ever before. These networks include and supplement the VA, not replace it. By focusing on all of a veteran’s needs, and the ways in which they intersect and co-occur, we can impact how they access and maintain their healthcare.

As a new member of the IVMF’s Advisory Board, I have seen firsthand what these communities with AmericaServes networks offer, the tremendous value they have to those who are charged with caring for our veterans, the VA, and its partnering providers. The strength of AmericaServes comes not only from its ability to offer an easier path to solutions, but also in its propensity to be the engine that drives those offering solutions to be more effective and successful. That means working in partnership with the VA, in an integrated and connected fashion. This approach maximizes the potential of public-private partnerships, getting the very best out of what each entity in our communities can achieve. It is why I established an Office of Public Partnerships and a myriad of partnerships during my tenure.

In the ever-growing ecosystem of providers who have the expertise and capacity necessary to care for our veterans, I believe these community-based efforts, and their connectivity to VA, are the answer. They harness this collective power to provide that care in the most effective and holistic way possible. These public-private partnerships are a force-multiplier. It is my hope that our country and its leaders mobilize behind this idea, and quickly, as we move to enhance the way in which we care and support our nation’s veterans and their families.

Initiatives like AmericaServes have the potential to truly address the needs of those we serve in the communities where they live, work, and thrive. I encourage readers to study its design, partnership model, deployment, and the impact these communities are having on the lives of America’s veterans and their families across the country.

Thank you,

Robert A. McDonald
8th United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs
IVMF Advisory Board Member

Our Partners

There are many stakeholders that contribute to the success of this initiative. AmericaServes would like to acknowledge the support of the partners and organizations that have helped nurture and grow the effort.

Unite US
In addition to serving as the technology partner for AmericaServes, Unite Us has provided strategic support to the project since its very beginning.

By providing both cash grants and pro bono consulting support, Accenture has helped IVMF move AmericaServes from conception to implementation and expansion.

Our Community Partners

As quarterbacks in their respective communities, our coordination center partners engage with providers, clients, and stakeholders to ensure veterans and their family members receive the right care and services efficiently and successfully.

  • Northwell Health
  • Pittsburgh Mercy – A Heritage of Hope
  • Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry (ABCCM)
  • ServingTogether – Connecting Veterans (A Program of EveryMind)
  • Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG)
  • USO of North Carolina
  • Community Action Partnership
  • Veterans Bridge Home
  • Forces United
  • United Way of Tarrant County
  • Rhode Island Office of Veteran Affairs
  • West Care


  • United Way of South Hampton Roads
  • Oklahoma Veteran Connections
  • SD United

Our Funders

AmericaServes is funded through the generous support of philanthropic and corporate partners, as well as key public sectorentities. Their collective investments have transformed how veterans, service members, and military families are served within their communities and across the country.

  • Walmart Foundation
  • Accenture
  • NYC Veterans
  • The Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation
  • The Heinz Endowments
  • The State of Rhode Island
  • DSF Charitable Foundation
  • NYS Health Foundation
  • Schultz Family Foundation
  • The Leon Levine Foundation
  • Hillman Family Foundations
  • D’Aniello Family Foundation
  • Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation
  • Robin Hood
  • Lockheed Martin
  • San Antonio Area Foundation (John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation)
  • The Kitchings Family Foundation
  • Newman’s Own Foundation
  • North Carolina Community Foundation
  • Boeing
  • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
  • USAA
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • The Dallas Foundation
  • New York Regional Economic Development Councils
  • Good Year
  • Wilson Foundation
  • Highmark
  • The Cannon Foundation
  • Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veteran Affairs
  • Verdant Health Commission
  • Nestle
  • Evergreen Foundation
  • State of North Carolina
  • J.M. McDonald Foundation Foundation
  • Autonomous
  • Foundation for the Carolinas
  • Staunton Farm Foundation
  • Highmark Foundation
  • Westinghouse

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to 2019 and another year’s worth of insights, performance, and progress from the IVMF’s groundbreaking AmericaServes initiative to transform the marketplace of services and care for veterans, service members, and their families.

Now operational in 17+ communities across 12 states and in Washington, DC, the AmericaServes model for the military-connected community represents the future of health and human service delivery: a seamless and accountable fabric of organizations across the country serving people where they live, with an emphasis on fostering transparency, efficiency, and successful outcomes.

The nature of our annual Transparency Report is to lift back the curtain and share the details of what it means to create a better system of care for our 22,000+ clients who have reached out for more than 45,000 distinct needs in their communities. Throughout this report, we look at the people along with the processes and procedures it takes not only resolve the over 70% of these needs favorably but also what it necessitates to serve people better with each passing day. We conclude with the lessons we have learned.

Most importantly, our communities are and will remain at the center of how we best care for those who serve our country. Every service request is answered by and within individual communities striving to become more than the sum of their individual agencies, organizations, and practitioners.

We begin this year’s Transparency Report by thanking each of you for your ongoing support, for without it, this initiative would not be impossible. Working alongside some of the best operational and funding partners in the nation is what makes this effort so special, none of which we take for granted. To those we serve, it is our organization’s honor and privilege to have catalyzed and sustained these coordinated networks of care and services, as well as to have the opportunity to lead such important change on your behalf.

As we ‘turn the page’ on 2018 and begin AmericaServes operations in 2019, we remain poised for another year of strong performance driven by an engaging practice committed to higher standards of excellence. This past year has seen many gains across the initiative, and we’ll walk you through them in the next few pages in a slightly new way – as seen through the eyes of our program partners and individual clients. Their faces, profiles, and observations throughout this report tell the AmericaServes story best. Through their service journeys and experiences, they are uniquely able to convey the true context, scale, and unfolding AmericaServes narrative now playing out for the military-connected community nationwide.

As AmericaServes continues to deliver upon its key tenet – serving individuals to the best of our collective ability, we remain grounded in the necessity to learn and improve as we go, while also generating the early evidence that these coordinated approaches to health and human service delivery are essential to upholding our national responsibility to those who serve our country, as well as the families who support them throughout.

Thank you again!

James D. McDonough, Jr.
Managing Director, Programs and Services, Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University

Introducing AmericaServes Through MJ’s Story

MJ is a Navy veteran and recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh John M. Katz Graduate School of Business. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting along with a master’s degree in business administration. Upon graduation, MJ planned to move from Pittsburgh, PA to Pasadena, CA after being offered a position as an accountant. She secured a place to live and was ready to begin the next phase of her career when the funds she was relying on to pay for housing were suddenly stalled due to an error in her GI Bill Housing Allowance. Follow MJ’s journey to see how AmericaServes was able to help her find the resources she needed.

Pittsburgh, PA – July 19

  1. MJ tells the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Veterans Services about her situation
  2. MJ is referred to the PAServes network by the University of Pittsburgh
  3. The PAServes coordination 3 center team reaches out to MJ and conducts an assessment to identify and document her needs
  4. The PAServes coordination center team learns she has a financial need related to her housing in California and coordinates with San Diego United, an affiliated AmericaServes community
  5. SD United refers MJ to the Foundation of Women Veterans, a provider in their network, for support
  6. The Foundation of Women Veterans is able to assist MJ with the necessary funds to secure housing in California
  7. Today, MJ is living and working in California, having experienced no delays to starting the next chapter of her life

Pasadena, CA – August 2

“I remember crying on the phone, I wasn’t a homeless veteran and I wasn’t asking for money, I just needed help with finding a solution for the issue with my housing allowance.”
– MJ DeVega, Navy veteran, PAServes client

The strength of the AmericaServes model lies in its capacity in every community to match needs to solutions on behalf of providers and clients quickly and successfully. MJ’s story is only possible to tell because of a shared technology solution creating a seamless path between the teams coordinating her care from Pittsburgh to Pasadena.

Transforming Human Services Across the Country

17+ Communities | 12+ States | 1 Solution


Scale to Date

  • 17+ networks in 12+ states supporting approximately 850+ providers
  • 22,000+ unique military-connected clients
  • 45,000+ unique service requests


  • 72% of requests were resolved successfully in 2018
  • 69% of requests were resolved successfully from 2015 – 2017
  • In 2018, a client is typically matched to an appropriate provider in 5.5 days (compared to 6.6 days from 2015 – 2017)
  • In 2018, clients were typically served in 15.8 days (compared to 17.8 days from 2015 – 2017)

Client Demographics

  • 83% Service Member or Veteran
  • 7% Military family or caregiver
  • 10% Undisclosed
  • 65% Male in 2018 (vs. 62% in 2015-2017)
  • 22% Female in 2018 (vs. 20% in 2015-2017)
  • Less than 0.1% Other in 2018 (same in 2015-2017)
  • 13% Undisclosed in 2018 (vs. 16% in 2015-2017)
  • 48.9 was the average age in 2018 (48.4 was the average age from 2015-2017)

2018 Milestones

  • San Diego United joins the AmericaServes family as the newest affiliate community
  • Conditions are set for Texas to become the next Statewide Solution
  • Oklahoma Veteran Connections joins the AmericaServes family as a new affiliate community
  • North Carolina becomes the second state to secure statewide funding for coordinated care
  • Veterans Day 2018, NYV maybe Bill de Blasio officially announced the launch of VetConnectNYC, concluding the NYServes-NYC pilot and kicking off the next evolution in New York City’s first network of care for military members, veterans, and their families

“The secret sauce is really listening – go into the regions, do the diligent research, and build the connections needed to help the communities.”
– Meg Storer, Vice President of Community and Government Relations, 2-1-1 San Diego

“AmericaServes brings providers together better in a community, so there’s enhanced collaboration. They push on communication and best practices, and have a system that’s very logical and simple to train providers to use.”
– Pete Luitwieler, Program Manager, OKVC

“Part of what makes AmericaServes whole is that it’s community-driven. It’s championed by IVMF and powered by Unite Us, but AmericaServes wouldn’t be what it is without the communities of providers in each local region.”
– Micheline Tocco, Head of Customer Success, Unite Us

AmericaServes: Holistic Solutions that Address Complex Needs

AmericaServes assists not only veterans but also the family members that support them. Silke Stein is the primary caregiver for her disabled husband and is now connected to a spectrum of caregiving services as well additional services to support her husband’s care. Because Silke and her family were experiencing several needs at once, she struggled with navigating the myriad of services available. Once connected to AmericaServes, the coordination center was able to identify and prioritize her family’s needs and make referrals to the most appropriate providers in the network when she was ready.

“AmericaServes is the first thing I had run across that serves the entire family, not just the veteran. There are a lot of trials that you go through and sometimes very frustrating.”
– Silke Stein


  • 2.0 – Avg. .number of requests per client
  • 44% – Percentage of clients making 2 or more requests
  • Of those clients, 71% made requests across different service categories


  • 1.76 – Average requests per client
  • 39% – Percentage of clients making 2 or more requests

“What we realized is that just solving the first problem presented often wasn’t solving the problem at all. It would simply elevate a different problem… Making the investment into AmericaServes with the IVMF really was a landmark for Accenture. We were drawing a line in the sand, saying, ‘We want to treat all of a person’s needs because we know at the end of the day it will lead to a more sustainable outcome.”
– Maggie Pollard, Senior Manager, Health & Public Service, Accenture Federal Services

Silke’s Journey

  • July 2017 – Silke contacts the NCServes-Central Carolina coordination center for individual and family support as a caregiver
  • August 2017 – NCServes-Central makes an out of network referral for Silke to Boulder Crest Retreat
  • January 2018 – NCServes-Central makes additional referral to Aware Senior Care for in-home support for Silke’s husband
  • January 2018 – At that time, NCServes also makes a health referral for caregiver support to The Joel Fund
  • Feb – Mar 2018 – Through the Joel Fund, Silke is connected to a photography class and therapeutic art classes
    CASE NOTE: “Had a great call with Silke, registered to take a photo class and charcoal class with her daughter and said ‘now I have something to look forward to'”
  • June 2018 – NCServes-Central makes a final referral to the Wake County VSO for additional Caregiving resources – they refer Silke to the VA Caregiver Program

“I worried that we were too small for AmericaServes. But as time went on I was very pleasantly surprised to see how we did fit in and that it did work for us too. So it wasn’t just the big companies, AmericaServes works for small non-profits also.”
– Brooke Dickhart, Founder/President, The Joel Fund

New York City: From Pilot to Pioneer

“The idea of bringing everything under one roof makes it a lot easier for a veteran to go to one spot to try to get all the help they need.”
– Anthony Silvera, Network Director, VetConnectNYC

“If it wasn’t for AmericaServes and those connections, who knows how long it would’ve taken guys like us. We don’t necessarily jump at the first chance to get help with things.”
— Ryan Loya Marine Corps veteran


  • 97 providers in the network in 2018
  • Most requested service: Housing & Shelter – Clients in NYC and other cities with high costs of living struggle to find affordable housing because they don’t always meet income requirements for the VA’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) and other housing programs
  • 1.5 Requests – The majority of clients self-refer for services. On average, clients in NYC make 1.5 requests, with about one-third making least two requests

“Easing transition for New York City’s service members, veterans, and their loved ones is one of our agency’s top priorities. VetConnectNYC’s service and access multiplying network simplifies that process. I look forward to seeing the lives of our City’s veterans get carried to new heights – none of us can do it alone.”
– Loree Sutton, MD (Brigadier General-Retired), Commissioner, NYC Department of Veterans’ Services


  • October 2013 – Facilitated strategic planning sessions under Robin Hood Foundation’s leadership
  • October 2014 – Competitively bid coordination center responsibilities – selected Services for the Underserved | Identified Unite Us as technology partner | Registered and trained NYServes-NYC Network Providers
  • January 2015 – NYServes-NYC goes live | identified 6 distinct funders to subsidize pilot implementation
  • August 2016 – NYServes-NYC reaches 2,000 unique clients | NYC DVS enters into negotiated acquisition to sustain NYServes-NYC
  • December 2016 – Competitively bid coordination center responsibilities and select Northwell Health
  • June 2017 – Reached 80+ providers within the network
  • May 2018 – IVMF leadership presents AmericaServes model at NYC Fleet Week Senior Leadership Summit attended by U.S. Navy and City Agency Officials
  • November 2018 – NYServes-NYC pilot ends and VetConnectNYC officially launches with address by Mayor de Blasio

“Our partnership with DVS is a game-changer. Our clients will be able to tap into a wealth of City resources in a streamlined way. What’s more, City agencies will now be able to connect their constituents to a trusted network of community-based providers. AmericaServes began in NYC and we are proud to be at the forefront of its next evolution: true collaboration between government and community-based organizations.”
— Vincent DelSignore Program Manager Community Services, IVMF

PAServes – Greater Pittsburgh: Empowering Providers to Serve People Best


  • 7,473 – Total number of requests from 2015-2018
  • 88% Resolved successfully in 2018
  • 85% Resolved successfully from 2015-2017
  • 3,540 – Total number of clients from 2015-2018
  • 2.6 Days – In 2018, Clients in PAServes were typically matched to an appropriate provider in 2.6 days

“With the PAServes Network, we have real data when we sit down to have discussions or planning meetings. We know the players. We know the impact. We know how invested they are in the AmericaServes model and understand that it requires collaboration, transparency, and accountability.”
— Megan Andros, Senior Program Officer The Heinz Endowments

“Through our work at VLP, utilizing PAServes has allowed us to decrease our administrative costs. We’re able to focus that funding back into service provision. We’re not only seeing the impact in the positive outcomes, the veterans that we serve, but that it’s also, rolling down to the bottom line in organizations like VLP to fully leverage this resource. We’re not only going to excel in helping out veterans, but they’re going to excel in administering their organizations.”
— Ben Stahl, CEO, Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania

“I’ve seen AmericaServes from both ends. When I transitioned here last year, I needed a job. AmericaServes connected me to agencies, so when I moved, I had a leg up immediately on leads. Now I see AmericaServes from a provider perspective. It is even more in depth than I thought on the external end. AmericaServes has immediate benefits to our veterans, and really cuts down the lag time for service.”
— Timothy Jones, Former PAServes client and current Service Navigator, Veterans Leadership Program

Do you remember the story of the Navy veteran from the 2018 Transparency Report?

With the help of providers like Team Red White and Blue, Timothy was able to move from Florida to Pennsylvania and get a job at Veterans Leadership Program (VLP). A year later, Timothy is still working at VLP, helping veterans like himself, and was recently promoted to Service Navigator. At VLP, he met Army Veteran, Kevin Carmichael, a recent graduate with a degree in social work. Follow along to see how their journey unfolded.

“They condemned the building where I lived and told me I had to find somewhere else to go and I had nowhere. So, I slept in my car for a while and then went back to the condemned apartment. There were no lights or water, so I just lived there for a while. I didn’t know what services were available to me. AmericaServes knows who to call. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given.”
— Kevin Carmichael, Former PAServes Client and current Intake Specialist, PAServes


  • 10/2017 – After moving from Florida, Timothy is hired by VLP as a Client Assistant in Pittsburgh, where he helps veterans like himself
  • 4/6/2018 – Timothy inputs a referral from VLP for Kevin Carmichael for emergency/one-time financial assistance to help him avoid eviction
  • 4/18/2018 – The referral is received by the PAServes coordination center team – after speaking with Kevin, they make a referral to the University of Pittsburgh for employment assistance
  • 8/10/2018 – Kevin responds to a PAServes email regarding an open position at the coordination center – he is staying with a friend because his apartment was deemed uninhabitable by the Public Health Department due to damage from a landslide. PAServes makes an employment referral to VLP and a housing referral to SSVF – later that day, Kevin interviews for the Intake Specialist position with Pittsburgh Mercy
  • 8/16/2018 – Kevin accepts Intake Specialist position with PAServes to begin 10/1, and is still working to find appropriate housing
  • 9/12/2018 – PAServes makes an additional referral for housing to the House of Veterans and a financial assistance referral to Serving our Sentinels
  • 9/14/2018 – Kevin moves into House of Veterans with his first month paid by Serving our Sentinels. With Kevin’s basic needs of housing and employment met – he is working on long term goals including improving his credit score to purchase a home
  • 10/4/2018 – PAServes refers Kevin to Team Red, White & Blue for social enrichment

NCServes Statewide Coordination: Four Networks Providing Seamless Care

Coastal | Central | Metrolina | Western


  • 19,623 – Total number of requests from 2015 – 2018
  • 73% Resolved successfully in 2018
  • 69% Resolved successfully from 2015-2017
  • 8,364 – Total number of new clients from 2015-2018
  • 15.1 Days – In 2018, clients in NCServes were typically served in 15.1 days (compared to 20.8 days from 2015-2017)

Ricardo’s Story

Anthony Ricardo Thompson is an Air Force veteran who served on active duty before being discharged under honorable conditions. Today, Ricardo is living at the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and was recently hired at a local greenhouse, working in the horticulture field. Now that his employment needs have been met, he is looking forward to securing stable, long-term housing.

  • March 6 – Veterans Bridge Home (VBH) meets Ricardo at an outreach event where he requests information on employment
  • March 22 – NCServes-Metrolina makes a referral to NCWorks for employment | NCWorks identifies that Ricardo would like assistance in obtaining an IT related job along with help with his resume
  • March 26 – NCServes-Metrolina makes a referral to Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry (ABCCM) for assistance with training and certifications in the IT field | NCServes also makes an employment referral to Goodwill for additional resume assistance
  • March 28 – Out of network referrals are made to HuntSource and Queens Associates for information on IT related employment

“If you need help and don’t know where exactly to go, I would go to AmericaServes because they have the resources and can point you in the right direction to meet the needs that you currently have.”
— Ricardo Thompson, Air Force Veteran

“AmericaServes allows us to work collectively, rather than just collaboratively. The community is prepared and equipped to do everything for the veteran.”
— Annie Jones, Veterans Specialist, Men’s Shelter of Charlotte

“Before this groundbreaking network, service members, veterans and their families faced a fragmented health and human services system and were unable to receive the right care within a reasonable amount of time. Today, NCServes provides the coordinated network and technology needed to connect veterans and their families to the resources they need, while allowing for the tracking of system-wide outcomes that support system improvement. Because this coordinated system of care created should be the standard in how we serve all North Carolinians, North Carolina has leveraged NCServes and expanded its scope to create a statewide coordinated network serving all North Carolinians.”
— Jeff Smith Military and Veteran Program Liaison, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

NCServes in Action: Hurricane Florence

“Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina coast hard. Veteran families and service providers alike found themselves evacuating their homes and searching for resources – including the coordination center. We were forced to evacuate but did not want to abandon our role of coordinating services, especially in a critical time. Thanks to the power of the network we did not have to! Our access to Unite Us technology, Community of Practice standards, and our sister network NCServes-Western allowed continued coordination of services for residents on the coast without skipping a beat. This unity allowed us in Jacksonville to focus on care for our families with confidence, knowing that our veteran and military families would still have access to care.”
— Jerrick Vernon, Network Director, NCServes-Coastal


  • 96 clients across all NCServes networks reached out for disaster-related assistance – over 200 requests were made
  • 173 requests came from the hardest hit area – NCServes Coastal

With the support of all NCServes networks…

  • 94% of NCServes-Coastal’s requests have been closed
  • 91% have been resolved favorably

“There was no hesitation in reaching out our hand to support; our sister networks are family, and we are all working together to continue our service.”
— Brandon Wilson, Network Director, NCServes-Western

“Military-connected communities are no stranger to lending a helping hand to our neighbors in need. When Hurricane Florence ravaged the coast of North Carolina this September, our NCServes-Coastal network was able to seamlessly shift their operations onto three inland coordination centers. All this took was a phone call to Unite Us and five minutes to set up. This allowed the Coastal team to evacuate while all the veterans, service members, and military families in the affected area were still supported in the network.”
– Mary Bier, Account Manager, Unite US

The Power of a Network During a Crisis

  • Sept. 11 – The NC coastal community is under a mandatory evacuation order due to Hurricane Florence’s impending landfall | Because of NCServes-Coastal coordination center’s proximity to the evacuation area, their team is temporarily displaced | A Preparedness Plan is enacted for NC and SC to ensure veterans and their families receive support during the storm | NCServes-Western assumes responsibility of NCServes-Coastal’s referrals and operations

    A veteran is forced to evacuate his family of 7 from Jacksonville to Cherokee, NC | Harrahs Hotel offers free nights to all evacuees, where the family is able to stay

  • Sept. 17 – The veteran and his family calls the network for help | NCServes-Western inputs a referral to the local VSO office
  • Sept. 18 – NCServes-Western follows up with the family and identifies a need for fuel and clothing | A $50 gas card is donated along with 2 boxes of clothes and a $30 grocery card
  • Sept. 19 – After an additional follow up, NCServes-Western identifies the family is still displaced and needs temporary lodging
  • Sept. 20 – NCServes-Western successfully connects the family to FEMA and assists them in registering for relief | The family travels to return to their home
  • Sept. 21 – FEMA visits the family and completes an assessment of hurricane damages | The family is on the path to recovery
  • Sept. 25 – NCServes-Coastal goes back online with NCServes-Western for backup coverage

“Although the hurricane was downgraded in severity, the effects were still catastrophic. The contingency plan became a vital part of operations across the Carolinas pre, during and post hurricane efforts. The most impactful lesson learned was that we can surge support from one network to another anywhere across the country during a natural disaster.”
— Lisa Murray, Program Manager, Community Services, IVMF

More States Adopt Coordinated Solutions

“AmericaServes can provide you and your organization a way to look at things differently and assess the landscape and really understand your client.”
– Tyrone Smith, Operation Stand Down Rhode Island

“AmericaServes has 100% of my endorsement because of the data. Data drives change. Data should drive the funding. Data should drive the services needed to be provided to our veterans and their families, and those AmericaServes initiatives provides us that vehicle to deliver those services.”
— Kasim Yarn Director of Veteran Affairs, Rhode Island


  • 661 Total number of requests
  • 74% Resolved successfully
  • 445 Total number of clients
  • 4.3 Days – Clients in RIServes are typically matched to an appropriate provider in 4.3 days


“TXServes should be expanded in communities across the state to achieve as much coverage as possible utilizing their web-based case management system. Such a system would help make Texas a national model for service delivery to our military members, military families, and veterans.”
— Governor Abbott’s Committee To Support The Military 2018 Report

“There’s literally no wrong entry point to the services veterans need… If they go in for marital counseling and it’s determined they need resumé support for a job application and some temporary support to make those car payments, those connections can be made instantaneously.”
— TD Smeyers, President and CEO of United Way Tarrant County

“One key feature of TXServes San Antonio being a successful program is the engagement of many different stakeholders within the TXServes Advisory Board members – including providers, agencies, and clients – to discuss community, knowledge and elevate community issues. Our Advisory Board members help to maximize the use and efficient allocation of resources, as well as provide expert opinions and community buy-in for the TXServes services.”
— Gary Timpson, Network Director, TXServes-San Antonio run by Alamo Area Council of Governments

“There are more resources for veterans than for anyone else. The number one problem that veterans and their families have is finding those resources. AmericaServes can solve the problem of getting the right person with the right eligibility criteria to the right organization in the least amount of time.”
— Sean Hanna, Senior Director of Veteran Engagement, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute


  • 4,218 Total number of requests
  • 2,457 Total number of clients
  • 109 Total number of providers

Most Requested Services:

  • 28% Housing & Shelter
  • 16% Income Support
  • 10% Employment

A Community of Practice: AmericaServes Practice 360

In October 2018, existing and prospective AmericaServes communities, affiliate networks, key stakeholders, and guests speakers came together in Dallas, TX at Equest, an equine therapy provider in the TXServes-North Texas network. During this two-day symposium, our partners shared ideas, questions, and lessons that set the conditions for a healthy, interconnected community of practice that will drive performance into 2019 and beyond.

“The times our partners come together for the Community of Practice – nationally, regionally, and locally – are so valuable. We depend on each other to find solutions to our common challenges because so few others are doing the work we’re doing at this scale. And, as an analyst, it’s a unique privilege to have such a willing audience to learn from our collective data, always collaboratively and with an eye toward improving the way we care for those we serve.”
– Gilly Cantor, Program Evaluation Manager, IVMF


  • 200+ webinars, events, and convenings in 2018
  • 409 cross-network referrals to date
  • 254 between Serves networks
  • 155 between AmericaServes network and another Unite US network


“One of our biggest challenges in the beginning was and has been finding trusted partners that we can work with to meet the needs that we can’t. Now you’ve got a proven model that’s been out there in the country doing this in a lot of other metropolitan areas. That’s huge.”
— Jeff Hensley Director of Counseling and Veteran Serves, Equest

“We have followed the journey of this work over time, and it continues to be work that sets itself apart in helping communities leverage incredible resources and deliver solutions to our service members and military families in a way that is seamless, transparent, and consistent.”
– Kathy Cox, Senior Manager, Walmart Foundation

Recognizing our collective responsibility to help communities develop best-in-class services and care for their military connected populations, this past year we began aligning AmericaServes communities regionally to more fully leverage the talented and dedicated teams now supporting our efforts across the country. Now organized into five distinct regional geographies, AmericaServes communities are actively engaged in improving both their level of professional competencies to serve clients, as well as building greater organizational capacity to extend their reach in these communities. It is our collective aim that the regional layer of our practice will help us diffuse learning faster across the nation, driving performance and better outcomes for those we serve.

“From what I’ve observed, the most effective organizations at creating community and social impact are those
that continue to look within themselves to improve. That’s why the AmericaServes Community of Practice is so innovative – it takes the 17 coordination centers, 850+ providers, and thousands of practitioners doing this work and gives them the medium to exchange ideas and discuss best practices. AmericaServes is improving practice to continue to grow performance in creating positive
outcomes for military-connected people, and at the beginning of 2019, the scale and impact is unprecedented.”

— Daniel Cohanpour Consultant and Nonprofit Community Lead, Accenture Federal Services

Looking Forward

The end state for AmericaServes is oriented toward positively influencing the broader health and human service delivery systems that underpin the nation’s ability to care for its citizens. 2019 marks an important turning point for the IVMF and its business partner, Unite Us. This year, the IVMF will begin introducing its AmericaServes initiative to national-facing health and human service efforts and convenings. Our goal is to communicate what we’ve learned from the work innovative communities are doing from coast to coast, in order to improve the way we address the needs of America’s military-connected families. Together with Unite Us, a leading driver of technology advancements within today’s health and human service sector, the IVMF is committed to extending its AmericaServes initiative to help the nation build and sustain better methods of care and service coordination for all of its citizens.

“The accumulated lessons, learning, and evidence of impact in AmericaServes communities over the past four years must be documented, studied, and shared widely. These insights hold transformative potential, not only for communities improving veterans’ access to comprehensive services, but also for the future of our nation’s health and human services delivery system.”
— Nick Armstrong, Senior Director,Research and Evaluation, IVMF

“The AmericaServes movement has helped us, as a company, be able to teach, educate, and implement in the broader health and human service delivery market, which I think is a testament to the model that IVMF built.”
— Dan Brillman, CEO, Unite US

“2-1-1 San Diego is excited to be part of the AmericaServes family through its SD United initiative, and even more so to partner with the IVMF more broadly to bring these important solutions to the forefront of conversations about coordinated care, addressing the social determinants of health, and providing more transparency and learning around client outcomes.”
— Bill York, Executive Vice President 2-1-1 San Diego

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