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How does AmericaServes work?
AmericaServes is supported by a back-end technological platform that allows Network Providers to securely communicate with one another, and work together to serve veterans, service members and their families.

When a veteran, service member or family member joins AmericaServes, a referral request which includes information on eligibility for specific programs and services is created and centrally managed on the AmericaServes Platform.

The AmericaServes Coordination Center, a centralized team of AmericaServes employees which handles all referrals within the Network, reviews the referral request and identifies the most appropriate Network Provider(s) to serve the individual in need of services.

The AmericaServes Coordination Center ensures that veterans, service members and their families are referred only to those programs and organizations for which they are truly eligible. All referrals are made via AmericaServes Platform, and their progress and success are monitored and recorded.

Who can join the network?
Any veteran, service member or family member of either can join the network.

What are the requirements to join the network?
To join the network, an individual needs a valid email address and proof of military service. If the individual does not have an email address, a Network Provider representative can help them set one up.

What type of information is required to join?
When signing up, the individual will be asked a series of questions related to their (or their family member’s) military history and contact information. The individual may also be asked to submit documents related to eligibility for specific programs.
AmericaServes complies with all HIPAA security regulations, and it will obtain Network Members’ permission before sharing any personal or eligibility related information with Network Providers.

How does AmericaServes ensure the appropriate referral will be made for me?
AmericaServes values the time of veterans, service members and their families, and only make referrals to Network Providers who:
– Have the current capacity to serve the individual
– Provide services for which the individual is eligible
– Are as conveniently located as possible
– Can address the individual’s specific needs and goals

How does AmericaServes ensure a high quality experience for network members?
AmericaServes reduces the length of time veterans, service members and their families spend searching for services, and boosts the accuracy of referrals by ensuring that they are referred only to Network Providers that offer the care that they need and for which they are eligible. AmericaServes also helps service providers focus on what they do best, which is providing services, by eliminating the process of them making referrals for services they do not offer.

Additionally, AmericaServes implements and enforces formalized standards of service for all its Network Providers. Data collected through the AmericaServes Platform will be analyzed to gain invaluable insights about the status of services available to veterans, service members and their families, as well as opportunities for improvement and innovation.

How does AmericaServes benefit Network Providers?
AmericaServes saves time and boosts productivity for Network Providers. The Coordination Center handles all referrals within the network, and does the research, review, and referral work that would otherwise fall on the Network Provider employees.
Additionally, AmericaServes provides the following services to Network Providers:
– Analyzes the individual’s need and the Network Provider’s offerings in order to make a referral to the most appropriate Network Providers
– Centralized records of services received by individuals that all Network Providers can access to prevent redundant services
– Database of individuals’ information to allow easy follow-up
– Data collection on the overall success of services offered to veterans, servicemembers and their families, in order to develop standards and demonstrate achievement to funders
– Brand value enhancement through association with the AmericaServes network

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