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The United States military offers world class services and care to active duty service members and their families so that they are solely focused on protecting our great nation. But what happens once a service member decides to take off the uniform and enter the civilian world? Aside from losing your identity as a military member, you lose your job, your housing, and your benefits. A majority of service members have this figured out prior to transitioning, but some “fall through the cracks.”

Studies show that veterans and service members, when in need, express multiple needs for clinical and social services at once. The fragmented nature of these military veteran services in the civilian world is frustrating and can be stressful for any person trying to access them. AmericaServes is here to streamline the process of receiving multiple services at once. The case managers at the Coordination Center are trained to triage needs allowing from proper delivery of the needed services and care. This approach to caring for those who have served their country has never been tried in such a calculated and measureable way.

Whether it is 1 need or 10 needs, AmericaServes wants to be the 1st place our nation’s transitioning service members, veterans and their families look for these needs. AmericaServes strives to partner with the best service providers in every community. Through Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with the VA Center for Innovation and several DoD military facilities, AmericaServes will truly provide the best wrap around services you can find.

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