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AmericaServes is currently located in ten regions of the US: New York City, Upstate NY, Charlotte, NC, Coastal NC (Jacksonville), Western NC (Fayetteville), RDU/Fayetteville, NC, Southeastern SC, Pittsburgh, Greater Puget Sound, WA and San Antonio, TX. Dallas and Washington D.C. networks are coming in the Spring of 2018. We strive to expand this endeavor to cities in every state to ensure that our veterans and service members are provided every opportunity across the country. AmericaServes will be expanding with other locations on the agenda for development throughout the year.

Through our expansion, we plan to help all veterans, service members, and their families navigate through the wealth of resources available. Each location is independently linked to a variety of assets in the area, all of which are designed to ease veterans and service members into civilian life after service. AmericaServes relies on the capacity of local, veteran-friendly businesses to contribute to improving the lives of veterans through guidance and a welcoming approach.

With each location, AmericaServes strives to connect service members with private, public, and non-profit organizations that will allow them the opportunity to utilize all resources available to them from their years in our military. Our goal is to eventually reach all veterans, service members, and their families across the United States and to provide them with the means to create a satisfying civilian life.

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