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NCServes – Western: Strategy Session #2

NCServes – Western held Strategy Session #2 in Asheville, NC at Goodwill of NW NC. It was a well-attended event, as the photos show, with about 50 providers from public, private, and non-profit gathering to learn about the AmericaServes network, the role of the coordination center, and most importantly, a dive into the technology platform. Managing Director of IVMF, Jim McDonough, led the AmericaServes discussions, while Dan Brillman of Unite US led the technology introduction and overview. Matt Feldhaus, Program Manager for IVMF, and Maggie Pollard of Accenture debuted their acting careers, as they starred in a role-play demonstration of ‘how clients can enter the network’ and ‘the ease for providers to make an actual referral’, and ‘what that process actually looks’ like utilizing the actual Unite US technology platform. Dan acted as the narrator as the exciting story unfolded, visualized through the superb acting of Maggie and Matt, with Jim playing a supporting role as the receiving provider.

There were opportunities for answering important questions from the community members, and further introductions of AmericaServes key players as the NCServes: Western coordinated network is being built. This will be the fourth coordinated network of communities in the state of North Carolina. It was exciting to be a part of such an engaging discussion, with the universal goal to better serve the military connected men and women within our communities.

Nicole French, who works with Charlotte Bridge Home of NCServes Metrolina, was on hand to further  and was great to see her participation in a NC partnering network, she leads the Community of Practice work and her activity at this strategy session shows her dedication and commitment to that mission.

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