Veterans Providers

Advising Communities

Services at the community level support large-scale community-based transformation and are high-touch. These services involve a coordinated effort and direct support from AmericaServes’ staff.

The goal of these services is to establish a common agenda among providers within a community who wish to work collaboratively in order to improve the service navigation experience of the military connected community members they serve.

Services include: fundraising support to identify and secure capacity grants for community-based nonprofits, strategic planning with up to 50 providers in a community, competitively identifying a backbone organization to support a coordinated network of service providers, establishing a common technology platform that supports shared measurement and evaluation, subsidizing the cost for technology licenses, and facilitation of quarterly in-progress reviews within the community of providers, funders, and supports.

Network Performance

The IPR, or In Progress Reviews, give the Coordination Centers, supported by an AmericaServes team, the opportunity to share the relevant data collected over the given time period, make insights into network health and success measures, and discuss important topics within the community. IPRs provide an opportunity for Network members to gather and take a deep look at the important information and insights revealed from the latest quarter, look at possible correlations of service requests, supply versus demand disparities in services requests, and also assemble as colleagues to announce any important community events.

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