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To learn more about AmericanServes, it’s best to start from the beginning. A recent Blue Star Families study found that the #1 self-reported issue for transitioning service members is navigating the abundance of resources available to them and their families.

Realizing that local communities have the capacity to serve the people who have served our country and their families, The Robin Hood Foundation challenged the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) to figure out a way to connect New York City’s public, private and non-profit resources in a meaningful and efficient way.

In partnership with Accenture, one of the largest global consulting firms, IVMF launched NYServes – New York City, providing a single technology platform, matched with the human capital of a ‘backbone’ organization called the “Coordination Center,” to set the right conditions for bringing a community from collaboration to coordination. NYServes-New York City, was the first AmericaServes Network to set up. Within the 1st year, NYServes reached over 1,000 veteran, service members and family members.

Unite US is a web and software platform connecting current military service members, veterans and their families to local resources and opportunities in their communities. As the technology provider for AmericaServes, Unite US offers HIPAA compliant Care Coordination and CRM software to coordinate service requests and referrals, while safely collecting key information that helps the community assess the services and resources that are most in demand.

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