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AmericaServes‘ mission is to empower a coordinated network of service providers in the United States, and equip them with the technological and informational resources needed to effectively guide service-members, veterans, and their families to the appropriate services and resources.


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The AmericaServes COMMUNITY

AmericaServes is a comprehensive solution for a systemic challenge. There is a persisting gap in services for veterans and military families across the United States — a gap that exists not because of a lack of resources or support, but rather a lack of collaboration, coordination, and collective purpose.

Veterans and family members are often left wondering what they are eligible for and where they can go for services while the service providers working them spend inordinate amounts of time attempting to identify the best referral source, sort out eligibility criteria, and follow-up on post-referral outcomes. It is a complex problem. A problem that taxes the time and resources of everyone involved, providers and those seeking services alike.

The good news is that there is a widespread effort among all providers serving this population to stay well informed of best practices, to learn from others, and to develop new ways to solve existing problems. As such, AmericaServes offers a range of services to support improvement in the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities to serve veterans, service members and their families nation-wide.